Kilgariff Entry & Fence

Kilgariff Entry & Fence

The Kilgariff entry sign and graphic fence provide precinct identity to the new southern suburb of Kilgariff in Alice Springs.   The fence and the entry signage are designed to be appreciated by pedestrians and residents living in the suburb as well as by those travelling at speed on the highway.  SDA were approached by the Land Development Corporation to develop an entry and identity for the new suburb and a fence that would both shield the residents from the highway and provide a uniform boundary to the suburb.  The new suburb and its fence are the first impression of Alice Springs for those entering from the south Stuart Highway or airport. 

The super scale graphic of the fence and entry sign is a representation of the Capparis Spinos var. nummularia plant, commonly known as bush passionfruit.  Bush passionfruit is an endemic bush food common to Australia and this area in particular. The fruits change in colour from green to orange as the plant ripens, the pulp inside resembles and tastes similar to cultivated passionfruit. Bush passionfruit was chosen as a graphic for its aesthetic quality as well as a celebration of our unique plant-life and its important relationship with place and Indigenous culture.  The culture of central Australia is linked to our unique plants and landscape and we wanted the identity of the new satellite suburb to be grounded in the culture and values of Alice Springs. 

The entry sign marks the entry to the suburb from the Stuart Highway. It is within the highway road reserve and complies with the location and construction requirements for NT Roads.   The double looping steel frame appears to change on approach replicating the complicated looping branches of the Bush Passionfruit. The sections of perforated steel add to the sense of movement, depth and pattern as they pass over each other as viewer traveller moves past them.  

The graphic fence is a long fence, viewed from a distance, and required careful design to achieve structural efficiency, ease of construction and a uniform fence that appears level. The Trimdek fence sheet spans between cantilevered fence posts with no rails.  The fence moves with the contours of the site without appearing to wiggle or step. The difference in height of the fence posts is taken up using a concrete plinth.

The main cladding of the fence is consistently the width of two whole Trimdek sheets.  The supergraphic pattern is laser cut from Trimdek and nests over the base sheet. The more detailed graphic layers are lasercut from 2mm steel flat and riveted directly to the Trimdek. The changes in texture and tone of the materials and fence background provide a sense of depth on the flat plane of the fence. The Colorbond finish of the fence and epoxy paint finish of the steel were chosen for their robustness and minimal maintenance requirements.  

This is stage 1 of the fence. Two further stages continuing the pattern have been documented and are planned for construction.


2018 COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture Award